Welcome to THE BIG SQUISH!

We Squish and Squash the finest lemonade around!

Using an old fashioned manual citrus press we freshly squish and squash our fabulous lemonades right in front of your eyes! With tasty variations including raspberry, lime, blueberry and Mojito, our freshly squished beverages are all made to order with real fruit and no colourings, additives or fruit flavoured syrups. We also offer sugar free alternatives sweetened with Stevia.

Special Events

Looking for the Extra Zest to Refresh?

Book The Big Squish for your next event! We will Squish and Squash the Finest Lemonade around!

Hard lemonade is also available providing the event has a liquor license.

Alcoholic Lemonade options include:

Hard Lemonade, Classic Margarita, Mojito and Raspberry Mojito.

Contact us

Phone: 780-999-7921

Email: thebigsquishlemonade@gmail.com

Based in Edmonton, AB.

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